February 13th, 2009

Spuffy-You Got Me ani.

Vid Recs

I'm bored, waiting around for my brother, so VID RECS!!

In order of appearance, Doctor Who, Bones, & Doctor Who again:D

Shine by humansrsuperior 
It's a happy, wonderful vid showcasing all of the loveliness (and none of the pain) that was Series 1-4 of RTD's era. The song will make you feel all happy by itself, but add in the whole gang and it's a DW party:)

I'd Come For You by leviathan101 
I haven't even watched it yet, but if you've ever watched a vid by leviathan101, then you know it has to be good. What could be better than Booth and Brennan saving each other over and over again?

Everyday Superhero by chayiana 
10 + Smashmouth= just plain fun. The Doctor being his usually adorakble, lovely self, and just trying to save the world. Go watch!

Also, 7 days from now (Feb. 20th), this journal is going friends-only.