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Doctor/Rose Picspam of Future Episode Pics of Yay! (Part Two)

Attention: There will be spoilers for future episodes under the cut. Do not click if you're avoiding spoilers for Series Four. There will also be discussion of past episodes as well.

Click on any of the images for the high-quality version, which open in a new window

All of these pictures are from the last three episodes or so. Or are they?

What! He was just around the corner this whole time!?

Rose has a gun.

The Doctor doesn't like guns.

But, apparently, he doesn't care. It's Rose! *runs to his Rose*

Oh noes! Figures something like this would happen when they finally see each other again.

The Doctor's down! I repeat, the Doctor's down!

Rose rushes to help her Doctor; the gun is tossed to the side.

I'm here

Close-up of the scene above

The Doctor's just taking a short siesta. Rose tired him out;)

At least we have a mat now. That surface was killing my back.

Is this where I get to kiss him now?

Prepares herself for the kissing.

What do you mean I can't kiss him? We need a good reunion snog.

"Hello." "Hello."

Close-up on the reunion. Look at their faces! They're so happy, even though he's injured. And hand holding!!

Doctor approved scene

Do I get to snog him now? *David smirks*

Apparently, he wants there to be snogging too. It will help him heal, honestly.

End Part Two of the Great Doctor/Rose Picspam of Yay!

Part Three Coming Soon!!

All images credit to Planet Gallifrey

And here are some bonus videos from YouTube of the filming

David running full tilt (to get to Rose)

Possible reunion hug/kiss or just David and Billie fooling around? Plus Jack and Donna.

That scene again, but closer up. Holding, hands, possible dialogue of "I missed you." "Missed you too." Why is this not on yet!?

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