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Doctor/Rose Picspam of Future Episode Pics of Yay! (Part Three)

Attention: There will be spoilers for future episodes under the cut. Do not click if you're avoiding spoilers for Series Four. There will also be discussion of past episodes as well.

Click on any of the images for the high-quality version, which open in a new window

And now, we come to this. A beach. Two different suits. Rose. The TARDIS. Donna. And I have no clue what's going on. Please not another Doomsday ending.

The Doctor's all wet. And he looks sad. Noes.

Now, let us look into the past for reference. See the clothes. Check.

Notice positon on beach and addition of family members in the background.

See placement on beach. Back away from the water.

Again, her Doomsday outfit and family members are present.

Now, back to the future. Clothes we've seen on her from the first episode and others and the close proximity to the water (so it's not a re-shoot for Doomsday).

I have no clue.

The Doctor and Donna on the beach! In his brown suit!

Again, this time with bonus TARDIS

Jackie? Pete? Mickey? Dunno, too blurry.

Uh oh. They're talking to each other, on the beach. Please not another Doomsday ending! Can't tell exactly what she's wearing but he's in the brown suit.

And now he's on the beach in the blue suit. Alone! Can this show get any more confusing? Maybe the brown suit is from before Donna left, he got wet from the rain, then changed into the blue suit for his reunion with Rose, who had to tie up some loose ends in the parallel world and is now coming back for good. Yes? Although, she'll probably ask where the brown suit is and why in god's name is he wearing that awful blue one.

And so endeth the great Doctor/Rose picspam of Yay!

And, because I didn't want to end on possible Doomsday ending all over again, here's something to make you smile:)

All images credit to Planet Gallifrey

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